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    The recent changes in Egypt

    On the 25th January, 2011 the whole of Egypt was taken by surprise. After the most recent parliament elections it was obvious that corruption had increased and the protest groups became larger. This exploded on 25th January as revolution all over Egypt It was time to make change happen rather than hope for it.
    Egyptians everywhere were demanding more freedom, the removal of corruption of all government departments, the change of the regime of the country which included Mubarak to step down . We demanded that the Emergency Law be cancelled . The greatest change called for was the change of the constitution so that anyone could candidate themselves to become president other than the son of the previous president. Hope and despair, frustration and anger, purpose and destiny were all boiling in the pot together and that on the 25th January the pot would boil over and spill out onto the streets for the whole world to see.
    This has created a new face of Egypt. The changing face of Egypt was like a woman giving birth: painful, messy, long and tiring and sadly with much spilt blood. But the baby was born - the future Egypt has arrived.
    President Hosni Mubarak has changed all the ministers in his Cabinet and the constitution has been changed so that anyone can choose to stand for election . Other corrupted ministers who are now facing court proceedings. There have also been many other political reforms, for example: Egyptian parliament will be re-elected in a free election with international control . without this protest Egypt would have stood under the dark clouds of control for maybe another 30 years and more.

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